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Welcome aboard the SS Crimes Against Nature! Try not to kill everyone.

Man the engines and burn all the cats in this arcade action bonanza. Maintain three uniquely cantankerous steampunk engine contraptions to keep the travel schedule of this experimental, animal-powered, luxury zeppelin. Arrive at your destination late and you'll be fired. Push the engines too hard and you'll blow up the ship. Do your job right and your boss is sure to be promoted.

All a day in the life for the Airship Engineer!


- Movement: WASD, Arrows, or Gamepad left stick

-Pickup/Drop: Left Control, Left Mouse, or Gamepad button 1(A)

 Creator Notes

- This is a COMPO game made completely from scratch by one person in 48 hours.

- There are NO random elements. Victory is determined solely by player skill and strategy.

- Title image cropped and edited from The New Student's Reference Work, edition 1914 (Public Domain)

- Airship Engineer was actually my toughest game yet as I elected to scrap my original game and begin this one about 16 hours into the competition. No assets were suitable to be reused from the first game in this one.


A browser-based, WebGL version can be played here. *Note that this web version has some minor audio clipping issues.

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AirshipEngineer-WinLinMac.zip 76 MB
LD39-source.zip 9 MB

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