A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Large scale action and big strategy in a small world!

Created for Ludum Dare 38 completely from scratch in 48-hours by one guy.

Submission Page: ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/antagonistic-hamburger-hill

Fly, spit acid, manage egg production, and lead your army of ants up Hill 943 to snatch the burger from inside beetle territory in this completely new action-strategy experience.

God save the Queen's lunch!

A browser-based WebGL version has been uploaded here. If you have problems with the mouse not locking to the screen, right-click twice to open/close the strategy menu.

v1.1 Update (4/24/17): Fixed grass renderer. Fixed hamburger collider not scaling as burger is eaten. Tweaked a few lines in the tutorial.

v1.2 Update (4/25/17): Fix for workers carrying food when game ends not being counted making it impossible to achieve perfect score.

v1.3 Update-Ludum Feedback Edition! (5/3/17): Added 'bomber style' crosshair. Spit travels farther and faster. Acid spit that expires from being out of effective range disappears rather than explodes. Acid AOE increased. Repurposed particle grass for new skybox. Tweaked lighting to match new skybox. Ant commander moved further to the left and out of your way. Wing flap speed now changes based on movement speed and, even at max, is 25% slower for less seizures. Wings made more transparent.

1.4 Update-Ludum Made the Player OP Edition (5/4/17): Base time between waves decreased by 15 seconds. Added gravity to trailing spittle particles.


Antagonistic-Win.zip 45 MB
Antagonistic-Lin.zip 59 MB
Antagonistic-Mac.zip 60 MB
AntagonisticV1-WinLinMac.zip 160 MB
Antagonistic-source.zip 49 MB

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