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The global financial collapse of 2026 marked the dawn of a new age of chaos around the world. Alliances shattered and revolution burns throughout regions previously believed unshakable.

It is in this dark future that the shadowy Pyramid organization has reassigned your position in Financial Oversight to Conflict Management. Your task: Spearhead Pyramid's new, more aggressive, "fundraising" efforts by manipulating these revolts into unwinnable wars while selling both sides the materials required to continue fighting.

The world order must be restored. Control is your burden.

  • Experience a revolutionary new form of RTS that challenges you to play both sides and avoid victory at all costs.
  • Manipulate the conflict by funding production, creating false orders, and blackmailing the influential.
  • Manage massive stalemates consisting of more than 100 units.
  • Plan your moves carefully to avoid suspicion lest either side uncovering your nefarious plans.
  • Play several challenging scenarios or create your own.

Bigger in Texas Update (v1.1)

This update to Zero Sum : Stalemate Manager brings you to the south-central United States where the ferocious fighting of the newly formed Lone Star Republic holds a wealth of profit for prospective Pyramid operatives.

Enjoy the new Texas map available for Custom scenario play. This map, the largest yet, features a unique split-faction layout for the biggest and wildest firefights imaginable. Also included is two new scenarios: The Two-star difficulty Texas Flood and the three-star difficulty Lone Star Rebellion.


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any hopes of a sandbox mode?

After years and years, I finally made a video

its really weird hahaaha but its hard to make their fighting against each other balancely.

I remember games like this. Called the Third Party (Third Side?) and also Skyward Collapse.

When I start the game, it gets stuck on the login. Is there something wrong with the game? (By login I mean the part when the triangle is beeping next to the word login)

Can you please help me? I really want to play this game, it seems cool.

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You should be able to just type in any name* and hit enter. If this is not the case, make sure the game window has system focus (ie. make sure it is 'on top' or 'highlighted'.)

*There are numerous "Easter eggs" where the game will smack talk you and not allow certain names to be used.

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I'm unable to succeed. When will an all-clear ever be announced during a match?

[edit] So I got an all-clear twice and was able to fulfill the mission one of those times but I don't understand when the all-clear is triggered. Is it explained on any of the pages? Or is it not supposed to be?


The all-clear is given based on time. It shows up (IIRC) 8-12 minutes after the operation start. There is some randomness to the finish time which is rewarded with a higher operation score. Note that this is at normal speed and without using fast forward. The timer is synched to the game's speed and will adjust accordingly.

Hi! Tried to start the game, but it crashed both times. How do I send you crash logs?

Loved the art and designs of the units, would have loved if you could actually 1v1 as one of the fighting sides : )


Thank you for your kind words and feedback!

Loved the art and designs of the units, would have loved if you could actually 1v1 as one of the fighting sides : )